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We worship together Sundays at 10AM in Brooklyn Park, MN.

Endurance Church

8433A W. Broadway
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445


We meet in a shopping center and use the main entrance in the rear of the building. You should see signage near the front door. Just inside the rear doors, greeters will welcome you inside and provide you with a visitor card. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask a greeter. They are there to assist you with whatever you need.


Just inside the main doors in our foyer area we have a welcome resource table. There is a lot of stuff on this table, so take a few minutes to look it over. We have many free resources for you! If by some chance you did not receive a visitor card or need another, please grab a visitor card from this table. We would love to have you fill it out with your contact info. We’d like to follow up with you, see if you have any prayer requests, or would like to meet with Pastor Anthony.


Service starts at 10am on the dot. You’ll know we’re getting started when you hear the band! We normally start off with a couple songs, and announcements. Pastor Anthony will take over after the annoucements, then spend about 35-45 minutes preaching. We’ll end with prayer and then dismiss everyone. Endurance Kids meets virtually Sundays at 12:30pm.


Feel free to stick around after service for conversation. Hopefully that will give you a good idea of what a Sunday morning is like at Endurance Church, but the only way you’ll truly get the experience is if you come and visit. We can’t wait to meet you!

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