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Endurance Kids and Youth

Kids Ministry (1-9 yrs)

Our vision and desire is to partner with parents in training up the next generation of world changers. Our purpose is to provide a safe and fun environment for kids, serve the children and families of Endurance Church and minister to each child in a way that allows them to grow in God's love for them. Through prayer, Bible verse memorization, interactive curriculum lessons, and engaging activities, we encourage our kids to grow to know God by learning to study His Word in a deeper, closer and more tangible way.

Tween Ministry (10-12 yrs)

We desire for each tween to experience a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. We also value their relationships within the small group setting as they connect with their small group leader and other kids within the group. Here tweens are encouraged and challenged to grow in their faith through the teaching of the Word so they can be fully equipped to reach a lost and dying world.

Teen Ministry (13-18 yrs)

Teens are constantly being bombarded with negative and even harmful messages by today's culture. Endurance Teens heavily partners with parents in order to offer a safe space for young people to be strengthened and encouraged in their walk with God.

Please contact Dawniqua Bass for more information.

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