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Our 6-week classes will assist you in growing as a follower and disciple of Jesus Christ.  Strengthen your walk with Him by learning more about how He wanted us to live our lives as disciples of His.

Classes are held every Wednesday evening from May 2 - June 6.  Each of our four locations will begin with an optional fellowship dinner at the host home at 6:00pm, followed by review and discussion of the course material specific to your class from 7:00-8:00pm.


Below are what each of the four classes offer along with contact information if you should have any further questions. 

In the Exploring class we will focus on core concepts of the Christian faith through short videos and group discussions.  Whether you are seeking God or just seeking to understand more, join us as we go through the building blocks of the Christian faith. 


Exploring  digs in to the basics of Christianity as we discuss together:

     Life, is this it?

     Who is Jesus?

     Why did he die?

     Why and how do i pray?

     Why and how to read the Bible?

     How does God lead us?

Come learn or refresh your understanding with others who are taking their understanding of God to the next level. 


Beginning is the next step up from the exploring class, now that we have more information about Christ and who he is and what he did for us we can start our journey on learning how to walk in faith and love.


In this class we start to unveil the attributes of God and the ways in which we can have a relationship with him, weather it’s through Prayer, worship, or Gods word. We also begin to understand what it means to be a disciple and a follower of Jesus. 


In Beginning you will:

  • Grasp a better understanding of what it means to be a disciple

  • Learn how to study Gods word

  • What does Prayer and worship look like

  • Understanding the message of Christ 

The "Growing Ministry" is designed to help you take the next step in your personal walk with God.  Participate in six encouraging sessions that provide vision, fire up inspiration, and deliver practical coaching in personal evangelism. 

In this class we will focus on becoming more like Christ through the gifts and wisdom of the Holy Spirit, and the way that we are to grow in him and our faith in what God can do. We will also begin to explore and talk about serving Christ and the church and what God is Calling us to do with our lives for him. 

In Growing you will...

  • Develop a vision for your personal ministry 

  • Find inspiration in your personal pursuit of God 

  • Receive practical coaching for your spiritual development 

  • Refine your God-centered paradigm so you think more biblically 

  • Learn how to become more like Christ and understanding the Holy Spirit and his character 

Maturing is the fourth and final class of our discipleship program, this group is focused on discussion and engaging in spiritual conversations with the people in your daily lives, while also preparing you for Gods calling on your life, weather it’s preaching the gospel or leading a ministry, this class will give you the tools to lead with power, passion, Prayer! 

If you want to increase the quantity and quality of your spiritual conversations, or don't feel competent or confident enough to even begin a spiritual conversation the Maturing ministry is for you. Learn how to engage others in rich spiritual conversations that open doors instead of slamming them shut. 

Discipleship Classes will resume Fall 2018.

For more information please contact Adam Obermann. 

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